PowerPC 603 75MHz

A 75MHz PowerPC 603 processor.

PowerPC (Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC – Performance Computing, sometimes abbreviated as PPC) is a Reduced instruction set computing microprocessor architecture used in Pippin consoles, which were derived from Apple Computer's Power Macintosh line.

PowerPC and the PippinEdit

Pippin motherboard

A Pippin motherboard with a 66MHz PowerPC 603 processor underneath a heat sink.

On May 15, 1996, Motorola announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles that Bandai Digital Entertainment had selected the PowerPC 603 processor for the Pippin @WORLD console.[1]

Pippin consoles were powered by a 66MHz version of the PowerPC 603, running a streamlined version of Macintosh operating system 7.5.2. This allowed hobbyists with access to developer ROMs to modify Pippins to run standard Mac software of the era.[2] The Power Macintosh 6200 and Performa 5200 were the only other computers from Apple to use the original PowerPC 603 processor like the Pippin, though running at 75MHz. Subsequent models of the 6000 and 5000 series that featured higher clock speeds were actually based on the newer PowerPC 603e or 603ev.[3]


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