Pippin @WORLD box 1

Pippin @WORLD box 1, which contains the console itself.

Pippin consoles were released in varying sets.


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  • Special "Network set" (「ネットワークセット」) - Red and navy blue box, bundled with "Disk 6" CD-ROM set in black sleeve. MSRP JP¥ 64,800.
  • "Pippin Atmark body set" (「ピピン@アットマーク」「本体セット」) - Red and navy blue box, bundled with "Disk 4" CD-ROM set in orange sleeve. MSRP JP¥ 49,800.

United StatesEdit

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Set PW-20010 would contain box 1 and 2 of the following. A larger set would contain all three for MSRP US$ 599.

  • 1: Console
  • 2: Accessories - Contained the AppleJack controllers. Larger sets would also include a keyboard.
  • 3: Modem & CD-ROMs - Included a Motorola 28,800 bps modem. Smaller sets would include the modem and discs in box 2, in place of the keyboard.


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