Pippin dongles are small external devices that connect to a Pippin console's AppleJack port, sometimes through an Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) adapter.

Pippin authentication dongleEdit

Pippin authentication dongle

Pippin authentication dongle

Sometimes called "security keys", these bypass the Pippin authentication process, allowing developers to test CD-ROM software that have not yet been submitted to Apple Computer or its partners for review.[1]

Pippin adapter donglesEdit

Early ROM and AppleJack adapter

An early Pippin ROM and an ADB-to-AppleJack adapter

These adapters allowed ADB devices to be used with a Pippin console's AppleJack port, or vice versa. Some of these products never reached the market as finished goods.
  • ADB-to-AppleJack adapter
  • AppleJack-to-ADB adapter (PA-82005/BDE-8005)
  • AppleJack-to-IR transmitter, included as part of the Atmark Wireless Controller St (BDE-82014)
  • AppleJack Y-splitter


  1. Demystifying the Bandai Pippin Developer Dongle, Peter Wong. 2010-04-29.

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