Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog (Pippin タイトル CD-ROM カタログ) vol.1 is a digital catalog of CD-ROM titles for Pippin Atmark consoles in Japan.[1] Only the first volume was ever published.


The catalog was released on March 28, 1996 by Bandai Digital Entertainment with the launch of the Pippin platform. The disc was bundled with each Pippin Atmark console sold in Japan.[2][3]


The disc contains an app that was authored with Macromedia Director and presents 85 Pippin titles that had been announced by Bandai at the time. Each listing includes a screenshot or sample video clip, but no interactive demos. Though not specifically identified as being Mac-compatible, the disc contents can be viewed on a Macintosh computer with Japanese WorldScript or KanjiTalk support.

With the early demise of the platform and closure of Bandai Digital Entertainment on March 13, 1998,[4] many of the listed titles never became available for Pippin consoles.[5]



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