PEASE Pippin Compatible Kit (or PEase, short for Pippin Ease) is a CD-ROM-based shell which allows Pippin consoles to launch applications from a simplified alternative to the Macintosh Finder desktop. Developed by Maki Enterprise, it resembles Apple Computer's own At Ease launcher.


PEASE is bundled with utility applications, such as an Appleshare server tool and a flash memory backup tool.[1] It supports saving data to a floppy disk or MO drive through a Pippin expansion dock.[2] PEASE can also launch the Finder as an application (if the filetype of the latter is changed to APPL).[3]


The following games are included on the CD-ROM:

  • Gold Digger
  • Gold Pusher (restricted shareware)[4]
  • Invaders!
  • MacPipes 2.0.2
  • Shatterball
  • Tangram 3.2
  • Tetris Plus


PEASE version 001 was the first to be released in 1996 as a standalone product for the Pippin.[5]

On June 15, 1996, PEASE version 002 was bundled with Pippin Atmark consoles sold in Japan in a new lower-priced "Atmark body set".[6] It was nearly identical to the original release, except for the addition of a "Tablet Paint" (タブレツトペイント) HyperCard stack and support for the keyboard and tablet.[5]

In January and March 1997, PEASE was included on the Mac Bin CD-ROMs bundled with the Japanese edition of MacUser to allow Pippin consoles to navigate the disc contents.[7] Support for PEASE was discontinued on April 1, 1997, after the introduction of its successor PEASE Turbo.[8]

PEASE TurboEdit

PEASE Turbo (version 2001) is a substantial update from the original release of PEASE that shipped on November 30, 1996.[8] However, it was not made available as an upgrade for existing users. It adds support for QuickTime audio and video media, and improves support for launching applications networking.[9] It works with Pippin ROMs from rev. 1.0 to 1.3, but rev. 1.2 or later is required for MO drive support.[10]




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