Movioke (also marketed as movioke!) is a CD-ROM-based entertainment title that had been announced for Pippin @WORLD consoles.[1]


Players can select from classic film scenes to act out, karaoke-style.[1] Comedian Dennis Miller acts as a host, director, drama coach, and critic by providing guidance to players. Audio recorded through the microphone port is then dubbed into the scene for playback.[2]

Release statusEdit

PWMac Movioke! TED7 disc

Promotional disc of Movioke!

Movioke was developed by MediaSpan and released in 1997 for Macintosh and Windows by Bandai Digital Entertainment.[1]

A promotional disc was released for Macintosh in 1997 at Ted7 in Monterey, California. It was partially "Pippinized" to run on Pippin consoles with ROM 1.3 or an authentication dongle.[3]

PW Movioke digipak

Promotional image of Movioke for Pippin @WORLD.

A separate Pippin port had been promoted on Bandai Digital Entertainment's USA website.[1] The releases of other @WORLD titles also revealed a Movioke packaging design.[4] However, it is unclear whether it had ever been released for the platform.[5]


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