Win Terror TRAX TOTV

Terror T.R.A.X. was announced for Pippin on Bandai's website in 1997, but was only released for Windows.[1]

Many Pippin titles were not released, despite having been announced or developed for the Pippin Atmark in Japan, or the Pippin @WORLD in the United States. Bandai CEO Makoto Yamashina (山科誠) had originally expected to launch about 200 CD-ROM titles for Pippin consoles, with an emphasis on teaching and learning.[2]

Bandai withdrew the Pippin platform from the market on March 1, 1998, less than two years after its debut. Some finished titles were released on other platforms such as Macintosh, while others were cancelled outright for various reasons. A few difficult to track projects were left with uncertain fates.[3][4]

Cancelled titlesEdit

@Card (unreleased for Pippin)

@Card (unreleased for Pippin)

Sample video from Bandai's website in 1996.[5]

The following titles had been promoted on Bandai Digital Entertainment's USA website as of October 1996,[5] but were dropped from the lineup by 1997 and saw no other release.[1]

Titles released on other platformsEdit

PA Rebel Assault screenshot

A promotional screenshot of Star Wars: Rebel Assault, which did not get released for Pippin.

The following titles continued to be listed on Bandai Digital Entertainment's Japanese or American websites until the Pippin platform was officially withdrawn.[1] Though completed and shipped for other platforms, their release statuses for the Pippin Atmark or @WORLD consoles are unclear.[3]

Other unreleased portsEdit

Pippin Demo German Version CD-R

A german demo disc of unreleased software for the Katz Media Player 2000.

Established Mac developers expressed interest in porting their titles to the Pippin, including Cyan, CyberFlix, MacPlay, and Simon & Schuster Interactive.[6][7][8]

The following ports had been announced through media outlets, but never saw release for the Pippin:[4]

A few working demonstration discs of unreleased Pippin ports and/or demos have turned up in museum or private collections, which included:

Katz Media had also been licensing CD-ROM titles, of which only 4 to 5 were being developed for the Pippin platform, due to cost.[13] However, it is uncertain which titles had been released as Katz Media was seeking distribution partners at the time.[14]


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