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Kinka ROMs (read-only memory) contained the BIOS firmware for Pippin consoles, based on a specialized version of Apple Computer's Macintosh toolbox firmware.[1]


The firmware is stored on 4MB of ROM chips, which are mounted on a small 120-pin board that plugs into a slot on the Pippin motherboard. These are interchangeable between developer and production units. The earliest developer ROMs used flash memory.[2]


Pre-release and rev. 1.0 ROM units were identified by a white label with the codename "KINKA".[3] The Pippin platform itself is named after Pippin apples;[4] Hoshi no Kinka is a yellow variety of apple that originates from Aomori, Japan.[5]

One of the last Software Development Kits to be issued by Apple included the Pippin 1.2 ROM Update as a software extension.[2]


Revision Early Developer Pre-release "Monitor" Rev. 1.0 Rev. 1.2 (JP) Rev. 1.2 (US) Rev. 1.3
Major-minor ID 077D-2CC6 077D-   ?   077D-2CF2 077D-2CF5 077D-2CF5 077D-2CF8
Board part number AP2660-02 AP2735-01 AP2777-01 820-0867-01 AP2777-01 AP2777-01
Number of chips 16* (flash) 8* 4 4 4 4
Chip labeling Intel N28F020-90 or AMD AM28F020-120JC 341S0241 thru 0245, 0247, 0248, 0250 341S0251 thru 0254 341S0297 thru 0300 341S0309 thru 0312 341S0328 thru 0331
Chip date (YR/WK) 9510 9609 9633 9706
Checksum 2BF65931 2BEF21B7 3E10E14C 3E10E14C 3E6B3EE4
Support FDD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support HDD Yes Yes** No Yes Yes Yes
Boot from FDD/SCSI Yes Yes No No No  ???
Support Zip 100 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Support MO 230 Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Support PCI expansion dock No No No No No Yes
Check CD-ROM for authentication No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Notes Programmable; unstable Only 500 reportedly shipped Shipped with Atmark (JP) Exchanged for 1.0 ROMs to add MO 230 support Shipped with @WORLD (US) Shipped with KMP 2000 (EU)

* Chips are mounted on both sides.
** Reports of a Zip drive being required for hard drive support were likely related to SCSI termination issues.[2]



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