Chisato Moritaka CD-ROM Watarase Bashi (森高千里 CD-ROM 渡良瀬橋) is a CD-ROM-based music entertainment title for the Pippin Atmark console.[1]


The disc contains music videos by Chisato Moritaka, including the hit singles Watarase Bridge, Flies Man and Rock'n Omelette, along with lyrics, images, interviews and commentary.[2]


WinMac Chisato Moritaka

Hybrid Win/Mac version.

Chisato Moritaka CD-ROM Watarase Bashi was developed by Oracion (オラシオン) and first released in Japan on December 20, 1995 as a hybrid disc for Windows and Macintosh.[3][4]

A hybrid version for Pippin and Macintosh was released by Oracion in Japan in 1996.[1]


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