Beta version, or simply "beta", is used to identify software that is undergoing pre-release testing in its development cycle. Such software may be packaged for testing by individuals other than the developer.[1]

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In December 1995, Bandai manufactured 3,000 Pippin Power Player prototypes for development; many were bundled with a pre-release set of demonstration or beta software.[2] Beta versions of Japanese releases can be identified by the Pippin logo's position at the bottom right corner of the cover art, instead of the upper right as seen in standard retail units.[3]

Pippin pre-release software (Power Player set) Bandai Product ID Release Date Note
Franky Online (v.Beta 1) PIP@005 1995-12 (1 of 4)
Internet Kit (Beta version 「β バージヨン」) PIP@006 1995-12 (2 of 4)
Music ISLAND vol.1: Peter and the Wolf  ??? 1995-12 (3 of 4)
Tropic Island  ??? 1995-12 (4 of 4)
PipMusic  ??? 1995-12 (did not ship)
PipWorks  ??? 1995-12 (became TV Works)

United StatesEdit

Pippin @WORLD disc Bandai Product ID Release Date Note
@WORLD Browser Online Suite Premium (Beta) 41458 1996-12


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